January 27, 2024

Second Test LIVE: Gabba affair on a knife’s edge after Australia’s bold declaration

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Over and out

Again, another enthralling day of Test cricket. No doubt about it, the longest format is in some strife around the globe, but this has been a fantastic affair in Brisbane.

Steve Smith looks like his old self after a few technical tweaks.Credit: Getty

Australia are ahead on points with Steve Smith at the crease and looking good, especially with Shamar Joseph most likely nursing a broken foot.

Still, there’s another 156 runs to score and genuine thunderstorms around tomorrow – who knows how the weather will impact day four. Join us again, same time, same place.


Stumps: Australia survive with eight wickets in hand

That’s stumps, Cameron Green rides his luck to survive with Fox Cricket reporting eight false strokes already from his 31 balls at the crease.

He doesn’t look healthy with the bat but he’s made it. Steve Smith is the prime example, he looks a different man at the crease after a few technical changes and a brisk 33 this innings.

Justin Greaves thought he had another wicket late on day three.Credit: Getty

West Indies have fought hard once again with the ball, jeez they would have loved one more wicket tonight though. Australia finish the day at 2-60.

Australia: 2-60 (Smith 33*, Green 9*) need 156 runs for victory.


DRS: Green survives LBW and edge scares

The West Indies go up as one for an LBW appeal against Cameron Green just eight minutes before stumps. It’s not out but the visitors are adamant and refer it upstairs for review.

Justin Greaves was hitting Green in line but it’s hit high up on his thigh and Green is the tallest player on the field. Ball-tracking shows that going over the stumps by a couple of inches. Review gone.

Next ball he pushes at a full ball and edges toward second slip, it just falls short and he scampers through for a single. Very tense times for the all-rounder. If a wicket’s going to fall tonight, it’s short odds to be Green. Four slips as Kemar Roach bowls his last over of the day.

Australia: 2-57 (Smith 32*, Green 7*) need 159 runs for victory.


Stats: Juggling the attack without Shamar Joseph


Watch: Starc’s sandshoe crusher to Shamar Joseph


Wicket: Labuschagne falls cheaply again

Marnus Labuschagne, on his way for five, caught brilliantly by Kevin Sinclair off Justin Greaves.

There’s life in this Test yet. Australia two down after Labuschagne is squared up and fending away. Sinclair takes a sharp chance at third slip, low and fast and celebrates by standing to attention with his arm’s crossed. Well played.

Easily Marnus’s worst summer since staking his spot at No.3 – he began this innings averaging 31 for the home season and it’ll only drop further after that. Cameron Green to the crease, he’s hardly in sparkling form either.

The West Indies have 35 minutes to do as much damage as possible tonight.

Australia: 2-44 (Smith 26*, Green 2*) need 172 runs for victory.


Stats: Alzarri Joseph’s rise


Wicket: Khawaja gone caught behind

Just when you wondered if the West Indies had run out of puff, Usman Khawaja, the rock, is gone for 10. Just tickles a leg glance from Alzarri Joseph through to the keeper. Joshua Da Silva with a low catch.

The opening partnership ends on 24, remarkably the highest of this series is just 25. Marnus Labuschagne to the crease and the West Indies are making a bit of noise now. Justin Greaves with the ball and Steve Smith looks much more assured against the new ball.

He’s tightened his technique and hit four boundaries already – hammering a lolly popped short ball from Greaves through square leg for four.

Australia: 1-30 (Smith 20*, Labuschagne 0*) need 186 runs for victory.


Poll: Who leads the way for Australia?


Smith, Khawaja begin pursuit of 216 for victory

Here we go, Usman Khawaja and Steve Smith to the crease once more. The West Indies without promising youngster Shamar Joseph, but it was Kemar Roach and Alazarri Joseph who did the damage in the first innings.

It’s Roach with the first over, Steve Smith facing up first. Four slips in wait.

First ball: Wide of the crease from Roach and he’s got it shaping back in to Smith – dramatically so – but it’s back of a length and he can leave comfortably.Second ball: Similar ball, line slightly straighter. Hits Smith on the pad as the ball ducks back in and there’s half a shout, but that was going down leg. A lot of movement though.

Steve Smith steps out as a Test opener once again.Credit: Getty

Third ball: Excellent start from Roach. Winds it back out wide and that’s ducking back in at Smith’s off stump. Defends well.

Fourth leg: Not as much movement this time, starting on a fourth stump line and Smith is back and defending down the pitch.

Fifth stump: Full outside off, plenty of room to drive through the covers but he mistimes it and only clips it back down the pitch again.

Sixth ball: Full again and this time he gets a real piece of it. Great shot. Just lent into that and it’s raced away for four.

Alzarri Joseph from the other end.

Alzarri Joseph into his work in Brisbane.Credit: Getty

Australia: 0-4 (Khawaja 0*, Smith 4*) need 212 runs for victory.

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