January 21, 2024

Australian Open 2024 LIVE updates: De Minaur misses break chance as Rublev wins 35-shot rally; Fritz knocks Tsitsipas out as his girlfriend prepares fulfil for Vegemite pact

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‘You will die today’: Rublev gave his all to win

Andrey Rublev has given a trademark candid interview about his wild five-set win over Alex de Minaur.

The No.5 seed admitted he feared he would lose when he went down two sets to one but told himself to battle out the match, no matter what it cost him.

Andrey Rublev.Credit: Eddie Jim

“Amazing match to Alex,” Rublev told Jim Courier with a smile.

“Two days ago I hoped we would play an amazing match and spectators would enjoy it, now I’m beginning to regret that.”

“When I was down two sets to one, I said to myself “you will die today but you will do everything”.

“Then I played better and better and was able to win.”

Rublev was hurting in the fifth set despite winning it 6-0 and admitted he had used a lot of energy and was hurting in the last set.

“When you play four hours, long rallies you start to feel some pain but it is normal with intensity like this. I just tried to push myself. Don’t cry, don’t feel sorry for yourself,” Rublev said.

“You keep fighting and see what happens.”

He has Italian star Yannick Sinner next up and he may have used up too many energy to get this win.

“Jannik is one more player who is had an unreal season last year and is amazing this year,” he said.

“He beat me last time, it looks like I’m in trouble but I will do my best.”


Rublev wins

Andrey Rublev has outlasted Australian star Alex de Minaur to claim a five-set win and lock in a place in the quarterfinals.

Rublev won 6-4, 6-7, 6-7, 6-4, 6-0 in a high-quality match that lasted more than four hours.

Andrey Rublev.Credit: Eddie Jim

De Minaur looked a chance to win the match in four sets but as both players wore down, Rublev’s powerful forehand was too much for the young Aussie.

Rublev will play Yannik Sinner in the quarters.


Rublev serving for the match

Rublev is up 5-0 and serving for the match.

The mixed doubles that was meant to follow this match has been postponed, presumably until tomorrow.


De Minaur trying everything but Rublev on top

Down 2-0, de Minaur is trying to summon all the energy he can to mount one last comeback.

Rublev is playing like someone who has been here before and he is coming up with some superb winners, despite being as tired as de Minaur.

Alex de Minaur.Credit: Eddie Jim

An unhelpful crowd member yelled out: “What would Lleyton do?” and the rest of the crowd drowned him out with cheers for de Minaur.

An ace at 30-30 had the crowd roaring but a running return, that would have been a winner, just landed over the line.

But Rublev came up with a brilliant winner and celebrated with some wild facial gestures.

He leads 3-0 in the fifth set.


Rublev breaks to start fifth set

It’s like Rublev has put the cone of silence over Rod Laver Arena as he broke de Minaur to love to begin the fifth set.

His backhand winner to seal the break was sublime.

De Minaur has a huge hill to climb, this was another service game dropped to start a set.


Rublev wins fourth set

We are going to a deciding fifth set.

Rublev coughed up an easy service win (to love) to de Minaur in the previous game but roared back to hold his serve and win the set 6-3.

Alex de Minaur.Credit: Alex Ellinghausen

It’s two sets each and both players look tired.

Rublev has shown in the past and in this tournament that he can win in five sets, the question for de Minaur is does he have the energy reserves to win from this position.

There is a last eight spot waiting for one of these two stars.


Rublev holds – just

This set is pure chaos tennis after a number of early breaks and some very shaky service games but Rublev stood tall in that last game to bring up a couple of crucial winners and turn a break point into a hold of serve.

He leads 5-2 in the fourth set. It really looks like we are headed for a fifth set.

The players have been on court for three hours and 40 minutes.

Andrey Rublev.Credit: AP


Rublev breaks again

Suddenly, the fourth set is in flux once again as Rublev breaks de Minaur again.

It’s 4-2 to the No.5 seed.

But you couldn’t rule out another break from Demon.

Andrey Rublev.Credit: Getty Images


Breaks back, pumps fist

That was so assured from de Minaur who held his serve at 0-3 down and then broke Rublev in the next game.

As he won the last point, he just pumped his fist towards his box and headed to his bench for a quick rest.

Huge moment, huge point.

He can level it up when with his service game.

Alex de Minaur.Credit: Eddie Jim


Another 3-0 start

In the third set de Minaur fired away to lead 3-0.

Now Rublev has done the same thing in the fourth set.

The challenge for the Aussie is to find a way to arrest the slide as he is serving this game.

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