November 20, 2023

AFL draft 2023 LIVE: Pick trades and bolters as clubs select top talent

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That’s all we have for you tonight

Thanks so much for joining us tonight as we completed the first round of the AFL draft.

Clubs have named 29 new players to join their lists and tomorrow night will see the rest of the draft completed as scores more players find their clubs for 2024.

We will have more draft coverage tonight and tomorrow before Damien Ractliffe will live blog tomorrow night’s remaining rounds from around 7pm AEDT.

Here is our wrap of every pick from tonight, we will further update this story tomorrow evening with the remaining selections.

Please join us tomorrow evening but, until then, bye for now.

Tarkyn Lockyer, National AFL Academy Manager and coach speaks to the potential draftees before the first round.Credit: AFL Photos


New Crows defender Daniel Curtin

Daniel Curtin in Adelaide colours.Credit: Justin McManus


Melbourne’s Caleb Windsor

Caleb Windsor in his Melbourne jumper.Credit: Justin McManus


Nate Caddy in Bombers colours

Nate Caddy in his Essendon jumper.Credit: Justin McManus


That’s the end of the first round

That is the end of the first round of the AFL draft.

It went for 29 selections because of the bid-matching for academy and father-son selections, it would have otherwise been closer to 19 picks.

Tomorrow night will be the remaining rounds. There are technically seven rounds (six tomorrow night) but most clubs won’t need to go beyond the fourth round as their picks will have been traded away or not needed.

Ryley Sanders in his Western Bulldogs jumper.Credit: Justin McManus


Nick Watson wearing his Hawks jumper

Nick Watson in his Hawks jumper.Credit: Justin McManus


Pick 29 is Ashton Moir

Carlton have taken forward Ashton Moir with pick 29 – the last pick of the first round.


Pick 28 is Lance Collard

St Kilda have taken Lance Collard with pick 28 and is a speedy WA forward.


Ryan in shock after joining Crows

Oscar Ryan didn’t expect to be drafted and had to be tapped on the shoulder by Crows coach Matthew Nicks to come up on stage and be presented with his jumper.

He can’t wait to join the Crows.

“This is a massive shock to me, I’m so grateful to the club for putting trust in me,” Ryan said.

“I didn’t make Vic Country last year. I worked my arse off all last pre-season and it has paid off.

“Four of us from the Bushrangers were picked this year.”


Pick 27 is Oscar Ryan

Adelaide have selected Oscar Ryan with pick 27, from Talent League side Murray Bushrangers.

He is a bolter and didn’t even have his Bushrangers polo shirt with him.

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