October 30, 2023

Victoria Good Food Guide Awards 2024 LIVE updates: Jo Barrett named Chef of the Year; Soi 38 wins the Critics’ Pick

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yesterday 10.21pm

And that’s a wrap

By Annabel Smith

Thanks for following our live coverage of The Age Good Food Guide Awards.

Read all about the ceremony in our news story here, peruse the full list of hats and find out more about the major award winners.

Come back tomorrow for our first-look inside the new-look Vue de Monde, and we crunch the numbers to see who gained (and lost) those coveted chef’s hats.

I’m off to hit the cheese table, goodnight!

yesterday 10.15pm

Where to buy your copy of the Good Food Guide 2024

The glossy 148-page The Age Good Food Guide 2024 Victoria magazine is on sale tomorrow (Tuesday, October 31), and will be available to purchase for $14.95 from newsagents, supermarkets and thestore.com.au.

The Age Good Food Guide 2024 magazine.Credit:

yesterday 10.07pm

Video: Which meal would these star chefs put on high rotation?

We asked guest chefs, if you could only eat one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be?

yesterday 10.00pm

Gallery: Chefs and guests at the Good Food Guide Awards

yesterday 9.49pm

Who got the hats? Here’s the full list

From one hat to three, here’s the essential list of every hat-winning restaurant from The Age Good Food Guide 2024.

Credit: Marija Ercegovac

yesterday 9.39pm

Read more about all the major award winners

The Vittoria Coffee Restaurant of the Year is the final award of the night. From the coveted major prize categories to our new awards, Innovator and Critics’ Pick of the Year, let’s recap all the major winners, before we get to the full list of hats.

And the winners are…

Vittoria Coffee Restaurant of the Year – O.My

Three hat winners: Amaru, Brae, Minamishima

Oceania Cruises Chef of the Year – Jo Barrett, Little Picket

Aurum Poultry Co. New Restaurant of the Year – Reine & La Rue

Critic’s Pick Award – Soi 38

Regional Restaurant of the Year – Chauncy

Flinders + Co. New Regional Restaurant of the Year – Kin

Cafe of the Year – Chiaki

Innovator Award – Xavier Prime, Chooks at the Rooke

Oceania Cruises Service Excellence Award – Hannah Green, Etta

Vittoria Coffee Legend Award – Jason Lui, Flower Drum

Smeg Young Chef of the Year – Lily McGrath (MoVida) & Cameron Tay-Yap (Amaru)

Bar of the Year – Bar Merenda

Oceania Cruises Drinks List of the Year – Kazuki’s

Sommelier of the Year – Dorian Guillon, Vue de Monde

yesterday 9.31pm

O.My named Vittoria Coffee Restaurant of the Year

By Emma Breheny

O.My, Beaconsfield

“The O.My team’s joy in what they do is obvious in every dish they serve and every drink they pour.

“Chef Blayne Bertoncello and sommelier Chayse Bertoncello – two brothers – are totally committed to small footprint eating, building a menu primarily around what they can grow themselves and wasting nothing.

The restaurant has had three different homes, survived a fire and weathered a pandemic, but the team remains steadfast in its commitment.

“Despite their noble intentions, they make environmentally conscious dining a fun experience. I hope this is the future direction of fine-dining,” says The Age Good Food Guide 2024 co-editor Emma Breheny.

Congratulations to the moustachioed Bertoncello brothers!

Sommelier Chayse Bertoncello (left) and chef Blayne Bertoncello outside their Beaconsfield fine-dining restaurant O.My.Credit: Chloe Dann

Chayse Bertoncello accepts the award – after confessing to a couple of tears and a couple of beers – saying: “I love doing this every day with my brother, it’s the only thing I want to do.”

yesterday 9.26pm

Congrats to this year’s trio of three-hat winners

Congratulations to Amaru for its debut at the three-hat level, and to Brae and Minamishima for retaining their triple-toqued status. The trio each scored 18 out of 20.

Dishes from three-hatters Amaru, Brae and Minimishima (left to right).Credit: Anthony Hart; Colin Page; Bonnie Savage

Note: the previously three-hatted restaurant Vue de Monde is unscored this year, after it closed for a major renovation. Keep an eye out for our first-look at the new-look fine-diner tomorrow.

yesterday 9.18pm

The Oceania Cruises Chef of the Year is also a hunter, baker and cheesemaker

By Ellen Fraser

Jo Barrett of Little Picket

To describe Jo Barrett as a chef is to withhold crucial information. She’s also a hunter, farmer, fly-fisher, baker, cheesemaker, archer and, above all, a sustainability pioneer.

At Lorne’s Little Picket, Barrett is quietly creating a blueprint for the future of restaurant dining, building on the low-waste, ultra-local ethos she championed at Oakridge, practised full-time at Joost Bakker’s self-sustaining house Future Food System, and shares with the home cook in her new book, Sustain.

Oceania Cruises Chef of the Year Jo Barrett is a keen fly fisher.Credit: Jason South

Ethically sourced wild game might appear on Little Picket’s menu as feral boar dim sims or culled wallaby terrine. Cheese is made in-house, fruit and vegetables come from a nearby eco-farm supplemented with produce locals exchange for a few beers, and the kitchen minimises plastic use, eschewing the Cryovac in favour of pickling and fermenting.

It’s wonderful to recognise Jo in this moment. She’s long championed ethical eating, but what we love about her approach is how accessible she makes it.

But the brilliance of Little Picket is its accessibility. It’s globally significant yet unabashedly Australian, a restaurant you won’t find anywhere else. The cooking is clever and confident and the restaurant is as much a place for the Lorne community (now familiar with rooster Kyiv and venison pie) as the tourist crowd.

Through a dedication not just to quality produce but to where it is grown and reared, and in proving that ethical dining does not need to be exclusive or expensive, Barrett is leading us towards a whole new way of cooking and eating, all from a bowls club in a beachside town.

yesterday 9.13pm

The Aurum Poultry Co. New Restaurant of the Year is a stunner

By Ellen Fraser

Reine & La Rue

This was the opening that was impossible to ignore this year: the spectacular heritage building, the painstaking restoration, the big-ticket energy.

Not many restaurants are bestowed with instant atmosphere, but Reine & La Rue didn’t let that gift stop it from striving. Instead the Nomad Group gave us super likeable food, sharp service and drinks, and a room that’s as comfortable as it is beautiful.

Melbourne’s newest dining cathedral, Reine & La Rue.Credit: Chris Hopkins

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