October 9, 2023

Sensing a spike in European cars

October 9, 2023 — 9.00pm
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“Car model names can sometimes be problematic,” reckons Chris Wilkinson of Turramurra. “Particularly foreign models in translation or interpretation. I have just seen a new model Citroen Cactus.” That’s right up there with Granny’s favourite, the generational Nissan Friend-ME.

Always one to take a measured approach, Doug Vorbach of Carlton immediately went for the tried and trusted formula when pondering a report about “NASA sending a probe to the asteroid Psyche (SMH 7.10.23) which describes it as ‘a pure lump of iron and platinum bigger than the state of Massachusetts’. For better understanding of its magnitude, how many Sydney Harbours equate to the state of Massachusetts, or vice versa, as the case may be?”

“What are the odds?” asks George Zivkovic from Northmead. “Two horses, both named King’s Gambit, won races that were held at Rosehill and in Singapore at exactly the same time (3:00pm) on Saturday.”

Moments later, he answered his own question: “Apparently the theoretical odds would have been 1/8 x 1/11 = 1 chance in 88. At the odds offered, the probability would have been 1/4 ($5:00) x 1/3 ($4:00) or 1 chance in 12. However, the real probability would probably depend on how many horses there are with the same name and how many are likely to run on the same day, let alone at the same time? Whew! I didn’t do 2F maths for nothing back in the day, but I’ll most likely be proven totally wrong!”

“I’m not surprised by the hours of debate by a committee as reported by Bob Warren (C8),” says Dominic Rice of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania (US). “After all, a camel is the result of a committee commissioned to design a horse.”

Reminded of the observation that “a committee of one gets things done.”, Edward Loong of Milsons Point wonders “if Bob studied at Sydney Law School years’ ago? If so, we can both not only brag we’re proud class alumni but, eighth columnists as well.”

Janet Williams of Dubbo has seen the sign (C8) “spotted quite some years ago on a local second-hand clothing shop: ‘Mrs Evans Has Left Off Clothing of All Description and Invites Inspection’. This caused some concern, but probably enticed a few curious patrons, as well.”

Have ‘No’ campaigners found their heaven spot? Judy Achterstraat of Nelson Bay notes that “on the M1, many of the 110 speed signs have a diagonal line between the ones.”


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