July 28, 2023

AFL 2023 round 20 LIVE updates: Impressive Carlton build lead against shell-shocked Collingwood at packed MCG


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Three-quarter time: Carlton lead by 19 against comeback kings

Plenty to cheer about for Blues fans tonight.Credit: AFL Photos

Carlton are showing no sign of slowing down.

It was another impressive quarter and Charlie Curnow showed a couple of glimpses of magic. More of that and they will be hard to stop, although they will rue the absence of Adam Cerra. He’s got ice on his injured hamstring on the substitutes bench.

If anyone can turn around a 19-point deficit in the final quarter, it’s the Blues’ opponents tonight.

Collingwood have come back from behind so many times this year, including against second-placed Port Adelaide last week. Jordan De Goey has 21 touches, followed by Carlton’s Nic Newman on 20.

Three-quarter time: Collingwood 47 (6.11) to Carlton 66 (10.6).


Mason Cox substituted for Collingwood

It’s not been the big American’s most influential night and he’s been replaced by Will Hoskin-Elliott in a tactical substitution.

Cox, sports goggles now off, looks forlorn on the bench.

Collingwood are 1.3 from set shots this quarter. Even Jamie Elliott, who’s been in outstanding form the last month, falters as he drags one across the goal for a behind.


Three goals for Curnow, Blues by 22

Charlie Curnow.Credit: AFL Photos

Charlie Curnow kicked 10 goals against the hapless West Coast Eagles last week, but he’s no flat track bully. He’s getting it done against the best team in the league tonight.

He manufactures this himself, grabbing the ball off the turf before kicking around the corner from 40 metres. Great goal.

Collingwood 44, Carlton 66 with 8 minutes left in Q3.


Carlton’s top ball-getter has been substituted

Huge blow for the Blues.

Adam Cerra, one of their best performers who notched a match-high 20 disposals, has injured his hamstring and needs to be substituted.

Paddy Dow comes on for Carlton. It’s a tough gig coming off the bench into an intense match like this.

Collingwood 44, Carlton 60 with 9 minutes left in Q3.


McStay kicks his second, Collingwood going nowhere

Dan McStay takes a visually satisfying mark above his head, which in truth Carlton made easy for him with no defenders in his path.

He kicks the goal with his trusty left foot. That’s two for McStay tonight.

Carlton still look the better side but the Pies are going nowhere.

Collingwood 44, Carlton 60 with 10 minutes left in Q3.


Jack Martin has three for Carlton

What a night Mr Martin is having up front for Carlton.

This time it’s after a mark on the left of the forward 50, which he converts with a snap. Quintessential small forward goal.

The Blues are back to a 23-point lead. Could the Pies be suffering from a hangover after their win against Port Adelaide last week?

A slightly contentious call follows as a long review concludes there was insufficient evidence to judge whether a Jamie Elliott soccer was touched by the Carlton defender. The on-field umpire’s decision of a behind stays. Cue Collingwood boos from the stands.

Collingwood 37, Carlton 60 with 12 minutes left in Q3.


Curnow kicks his second, Carlton battling well

Carlton have fought hard so far.Credit: AFL Photos

The Blues have withstood an early barrage this quarter and refuse to roll over.

Charlie Curnow takes a mark on the right side of the forward 50 and kicks the ball true through the posts.

It’s not been his busiest night so far but the big man still has two goals. Meanwhile Adam Cerra has hit 20 disposals for the Blues. He, conversely, has been very busy.

Collingwood 37, Carlton 53 with 15 minutes left in Q3.


Second half begins: Josh Daicos snaps one early

Carlton know Collingwood, the competition’s strongest finishers, are going to come hard at them this second half.

And so it is already: Josh Daicos gathers the ball out of a stoppage, swivels and snaps his first goal of the match. Dad Peter Daicos loves it up in the stands.

Collingwood 36, Carlton 47 with 19 minutes left in Q4.


Our reporter wasn’t immune to train delays

Severe disruptions to Melbourne’s train network caused some fans to miss the start of Friday night’s Collingwood-Carlton blockbuster and were felt across Melbourne’s inner-city.

The Age sport scribe Marc McGowan was one of dozens of train passengers who sat on idle trains in the hours before the opening bounce at the MCG.

Metro Trains flagged the delays shortly before 7pm after an incident reported by police between the Flinders Street and Southern Cross stations.

“(There are) major delays network wide due to a police request between Flinders St and Southern Cross,” the government body said on social media.

“Services will run direct in/out of Flinders Street & Southern Cross. Select services will terminate/originate at intermediate locations.

“We are experiencing significant congestion through the inner-city due to the earlier police request.”


Half time: Impressive Carlton enjoy 17-point lead

You’re either a prophecy or a liar if you expected the first half to go like that

Carlton won that second quarter four goals to one and were certainly the better team. They’re dominating the clearances and have taken their chances.

Collingwood have not been dreadful but they looked shocked. Coach Craig McRae has plenty to do at half time.

Carlton’s Adam Cerra leads the disposal count on 17, followed by teammate Nic Newman on 15. The Daicos brothers haven’t truly asserted themselves so far but have the most touches for Collingwood (Josh 13 and Nick 12).

Half time: Collingwood 30 (4.6) to Carlton 47 (7.5)

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